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In early 2014, I joined Disney Interactive to work on their Marvel RTS Facebook game, Avengers Alliance Tactics. Most of the pieces for the game were already in place, so I was primarily an extra set of hands as we marched toward a June launch. I made maps and scripted scenarios.

A few months later, I was planning, writing, and scripting small content releases, then working with other designers to populate them with pre-existing assets. When it was announced that M:AA Tactics was closing, my producer pitched the idea of doing a final event, and I gleefully supplied a script featuring evil X-Men and an English MODOK. I’ll include it below for posterity.

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TASK 1: First-Move Advantage

Maria Hill: Director Fury, you have a transmission from a S.H.I.E.L.D. outpost in the Savage Land. It’s Moonstone.
Nick Fury: We captured Moonstone?
Maria Hill: Not exactly, sir. She knocked on the front door and demanded to speak with you.
Moonstone: I heard that when people have a problem they can’t handle, they call S.H.I.E.L.D. Are you open for business?
Nick Fury: Talk fast. I don’t like it when people waste my time.
Moonstone: Well, if you thought the Kree in our universe were rude and murderous, just wait till I introduce you to the Incursion Kree I captured. He has exciting things to say about the future of our Earth.
Nick Fury: Go on.
Moonstone: There I was, mining vibranium, minding my own business, when a Kree scout force assaulted me. I repelled most of them and…encouraged the last one to explain himself.
Moonstone: It’s a touching story, actually. Their universe was attacked through an Incursion, and their Supreme Intelligence decided to preemptively subdue all other realities.
Nick Fury: So, you want to help us…
Moonstone: Prevent our total eradication, yes.
Nick Fury: Commander, I’m authorizing you to work with Moonstone…for now.

Combat Start
Iron Man: Anybody else find that Kree device weirdly ominous?
Beast: I will monitor sensor readings while you are in proximity, however my initial evaluation, considering the correlation between its fluctuations and the Incursion aperture—
Nick Fury: Means you destroy it, just to be safe.
Incursion Captain Marvel: You won’t be destroying anything, aliens. Troops, target those hostiles!
Incursion Kree Captain: Yes, General! For the empire!

Beast: I can say with certainty that the Kree device was partially responsible for that Incursion. It is not a machine for opening portals, however; it accelerates the decay between realities.
Reed Richards: Meaning they were purposely colliding our worlds, creating more Incursions.
Tony Stark: Huh. It never occurred to me to weaponize Incursions. I’m surprised the Kree thought of it…and that I didn’t.
Beast: Well, Tony, whatever their intention, they were unaware of the effect. Projections based on our data show there is a practical limit for Incursions, a stress beyond which a world will simply shatter.
Tony Stark: I wonder if any of the other countless universes are working on Incursion aggravators.
Nick Fury: As of now, you’re all working overtime.

TASK 2: Major Exchange

Agent Coulson: Sir, we have another unexpected guest. Skurge the Executioner just teleported into the command center.
Spider-Man: Guess who’s coming to dinner. No, I’ll just tell you: everyone we hate is coming to dinner.
Executioner: Greetings, mortals. I regret I must lay dark tidings at your door.
Spider-Man: Unlike all the times you laid challenges at our door…or traps, featuring your lovely cohost, the Enchantress.
Executioner: Your barbs are no match for the pain of Amora’s deceptions. That she repeatedly leads me on with honeyed words is my shame to bear. But I come seeking alliance.
Executioner: I possess a device that we seized from A.I.M. It is a mechanized map of these portals you call Incursions, showing where they land and from whence they come.
Nick Fury: So why bring it to us now?
Executioner: Once, they seemed a tool, but my eyes are open; these Incursions could bring ruin upon us all. Look now how portals from certain realms surge in number.
Reed Richards: He’s right. According to this device, there are multiple Incursions all originating from three or four specific universes. If, like the Kree we fought, they’re accelerating the collision of worlds—
Nick Fury: Then we need to get in there and shut them down.
Executioner: I shall stand with you, in hopes that I can atone for my transgressions.
Spider-Man: Can you atone for your haircut?

Combat Start
Executioner: Asgardians? Why do you trespass on this world?
Incursion Sif: The All-Father has decreed it. Only by laying waste to these false realms can we preserve the true Asgard.
Iron Man: That sounds like a lot of work. Also, it’s nuts.
Incursion Thor: Insolent mortal! I will show you Mjolnir’s wrath!

Tony Stark: Well, no Incursion aggravator there, just myopia and magic.
Thor: Caution, friend Stark. Asgardians fell today, misguided as they were.
Tony Stark: Sure, but they were crazy Asgardians from another dimension, not the normal, cape-wearing, funny-talking Asgardians we know and love.
Nick Fury: When you’re done taunting gods, I want a report on the other problem universes.
Tony Stark: Aye aye, Captain. One naughty list coming right up.

TASK 3: King’s Pawn

Reed Richards: Using the Incursion tracker that Skurge surrendered, we’ve determined that, aside from the Kree and Asgardian portals we already dealt with, the majority of recent Incursion activity comes from three specific universes.
Tony Stark: I’ve nicknamed them Bad Universe, Mean Universe, and Universe Most Foul.
Agent Coulson: We’re working to correlate that with our own tracking data, but I can tell you that a nearby Incursion HYDRA base is definitely from one of those worlds.
Nick Fury: Get in there, Commander. You’re authorized to level the place.
Wolverine: I’m in. I could use the workout.
Tony Stark: Before we leave, I’d feel better if someone acknowledged my joke.

Combat Start
Wolverine: Viper? I thought you were off to rule every world.
Viper: A simpler task if only every world didn’t have the same idea.
Incursion Red Skull: You will all kneel before HYDRA!
Wolverine: I should leave you to be killed by your own brand of crazy.
Viper: Or this once, we could work together to prevent our mutual annihilation. Well?
Wolverine: I’m thinking…

Agent Hill: Red Skull and the HYDRA device have been dealt with. Incursions from that world are down to zero.
Agent Coulson: Perhaps predictably, Viper got away.
Wolverine: It’s like escaping is the only thing she’s good at.
Tony Stark: Didn’t she marry you once?
Wolverine: That time I did the escaping.

TASK 4: Critical Position

Agent Coulson: We’re down to two aggressive universes, sir.
Agent Hill: And an Incursion from one of them isn’t far from a remote ops base that just brought in the Fixer. He’s fairly beat up and claiming Wolverine is the culprit.
Wolverine: Heh. I think I’d remember that, but I was at the HYDRA fight.
Fixer: Not that Wolverine, one from another world. He and several other mutants teleported in and started eliminating human targets. Some kind of Shi’ar warp tech—
Wolverine: I won’t let anybody sully my good name, least of all another me.
Nick Fury: I’m more concerned about closing those Incursions. Fixer, you up for some onsite tech support?
Tony Stark: Wait, are we just handing out pardons now? This is the Fixer, man of a thousand murderous technosaurs!
Agent Coulson: Dinoborgs.
Nick Fury: In a crisis, I’ll use any tool available to get the job done.
Fixer: If you cover me, I may be able to override the Shi’ar tech, yes. But I’m not sticking around once the system goes down.
Nick Fury: Fine. Get moving.

Combat Start
Incursion Cyclops: Step aside, mutant. This is the only way to be free of the human menace.
Wolverine: That’s not how I see it, bub.
Incursion Cyclops: If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re in my way.
Wolverine: I’m going to enjoy this way too much.

Agent Hill: Fixer did as he promised. Incursions from the mutant world are collapsing.
Agent Coulson: Of course, he did teleport away with some of that Shi’ar technology.
Nick Fury: A problem for another day. How are we doing on that final aggressive universe?
Reed Richards: They were in a lull during recent operations, but there is a definite uptick now from what Stark described as Universe Most Foul.
Tony Stark: So named because it’s the worst.
Nick Fury: Alright, Commander, gather your best. Time to bring this crisis to an end.

TASK 5: Overextended

Nick Fury: Tell me everything.
Beast: The Incursion detector actually provides enough data to form a predictive model. At the current rate, both Earths will reach their maximum stress points within an hour, two at the latest.
Nick Fury: And the origin universe?
Agent Hill: From the field reports, it’s all A.I.M., all the time. It seems their M.O.D.O.K. is not as hapless as ours.
Nick Fury: How are we for assets?
Agent Coulson: Spread pretty thin. Even those heroes the commander has gathered here for the initiative will barely cover the Incursion attacks around the world.
Nick Fury: Then it’s time we fight fire with fire. Bring M.O.D.O.K. up to the deck.
Agent Hill: You can’t be serious.
MODOK: Are you ready to submit to the intellect of A.I.M.?
Nick Fury: Not quite. We need your help dealing with your counterpart. Turns out he’s going to destroy the world instead of run it. Reed, show him the data.
MODOK: This is— The fool! I can’t rule a pile of rubble!
Nick Fury: I think he gets the stakes. Warm up the Quinjet…and tear out the backseat.

Combat Start
MODOK: As Scientist Supreme, I command you to stand down!
Incursion MODOK: Sorry, old chap, I can’t acquiesce. I have grand plans for this world, and I won’t abide your interference.
MODOK: What you plan is inconsequential! Your logic is faulty, and your—
Incursion MODOK: My word, you do go on. Forward, good fellows, we have a globe to conquer!

Nick Fury: Give me some good news.
Beast: I would not wish to be premature in our report, but the proliferation of multi-site, single-origin portals appears to have been halted.
Reed Richards: It’s certainly not the last Incursion we’ll see, Nick, but Hank is right: the imminent crisis seems to be over.
Tony Stark: Well, mostly over. M.O.D.O.K. escaped with his chair, and now I need to shop for a new one.