Bring Your Own Book

The Haunted Man and the Ghosts's Bargain by Charles Dickens» Designer; 2014 «

In late 2014, after a few months of playtesting, my social game Bring Your Own Book was ready to release as a print-and-play demo. In December, I got word that it was selected as one of eight games for the Tabletop Indie Showcase for the inaugural PAX South in 2015. I decided there wouldn’t be a better time to get it in print, so Luke Nalker and I prepared a Kickstarter campaign to launch the same weekend.

The Kickstarter was fully funded the Monday night after we returned from PAX. It went on to raise $55,000 for the first print run, over 400% the initial goal.  We’re finalizing the visual design, adding a new game mode, and prepping the game to be printed and released commercially in the fall of 2015.

Visit for all the latest about the game of borrowed phrases, including the free print-and-play demo and the mailing list.

Acknowledgements: A full list of credits is available on the website, but I want to stick these here too:

Luke Nalker: Art
Miranda Marti: Additional Design, QA, and Motivation
Adrian Bonar: Web Development and Production
Ryan McIntyre: One kickass Kickstarter video featuring…
Shereen Morse, Tim Essington, Will Erstad, & Sophie Mackey